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Local Contacts and Services

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Professionals can best support each child’s healthy development by using and referring to the services in each local community. Many of these are universal and can be accessed by caregivers with their children. In many services, all children can receive stimulation in playful early learning environments. Others may require a referral from a professional (see section 1 - The On Track Guide) and should be accessed when early identification of delays or risks are made or suspected. As noted in section 1 a “wait and see” approach is not an acceptable alternative, as a delay in support can translate into increasingly profound delays in a child’s development. Early identification and early intervention leads to more positive outcomes for children, such as less need for special education services, improved academic achievement, lower rates of grade retention, and higher rates of school completion.

This section includes links to key local contacts and services. Due to the fact that changes take place over time, we cannot guarantee that all numbers and links will continue to operate. Contact information will be updated as feasible. If you need to make a referral and the link is no longer operational, please contact your local public health agency.

To find the contact information for your local health department or unit check . If you are aware of changes in contact information, please contact us.